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Tips to Prevent Eyelash Loss

Eyelash Loss is divided into many situations. If your condition is treatable, there are ways to go about curing it. Some of these tips include; Healthy Diets The hair is made up of protein, vitamins, and some minerals. When the hair is not getting enough of these nutrients, it gets weak and falls off. A

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Why do People Prefer False Lashes?

False eyelashes are becoming popular this year with an unstoppable trend. Today we’ll go into detail about the reasons for this phenomenon and mention some of the better false eyelashes. Reasons why people choose false eyelashes 1.  It Can Be Worn All Day Long Fake lashes can be worn all day long without any problem.

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Fake Lashes for Halloween

When we think of falls we inevitably think of Halloween. There are many obvious things that come to our minds, costumes, candies, pumpkins, and funky, creative makeup. One thing you must add to your Halloween look this year is the fun false eyelashes. Our favorite fun part of Halloween is crafting and perfecting our new

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