5 Tips To Follow When Applying False Eyelashes


5 Tips To Follow When Applying False Eyelashes

1.  Care For Your Lashes In A Preventive Manner

Flattening and wrinkles are possible with lashes. It occurs all the time. Even the most prestigious brands would advise you to prepare your lashes first.

Wrap your lashes around it with your makeup brush, a pencil, or your finger. Allow for a minute of resting time. What’s the result? Your eyes will have beautiful eyelashes that preserve their shape.

Applying a little coat of mascara at this time is also recommended. Once you’ve applied your lashes, use the mascara to help them stick together.

2.  Don’t Stick The Falsies All At Once

Then there is the application itself!

When it comes to lash strips, don’t try to apply the full band at once. To begin, move your head back to reveal your upper lash line.

Now, first, push the band on the middle of your lid. You may then tweak the remainder of the strip into place after it’s in place. Make doubly sure your lashes aren’t too near to your inner corners if you don’t want them to irritate you each time you blink. It’s not worth endangering your eyes for more natural fake lashes. If the eyelashes don’t seem quite right at this stage, there’s still time to correct them.

Pull on the lashes with caution, but don’t fully remove them. Then wait till the glue has dried before touching them.

3.  Touch-up & Secure The Ends

Apply a little quantity of adhesive to your eyelash band’s inner and outer corners using a toothpick or earbud to secure it. The lashes would not rise on the edges when you do this. When you detect any gaps, use more eyeliner to fill them up!

4.  Hide The Lash Strip With Black Eyeliner

More eyeliner and a second layer of mascara will bring everything together and fill up any gaps.

Note: Using a slight bit of mascara on the artificial lashes can assist them in blending in with your natural lashes, but it will also restrict their use to one or two times.

5.  Do Not Apply Eye Makeup After This

Bear in mind that wearing fake lashes is a long-term commitment. When you are showing off your lashes, you will need to have some makeup to go along with them. Finish applying your black eyeliner and shadow before beginning the application.

If you are using an eyelash strip, go a little thicker with the liner because it’ll be simpler to hide the band with the eyeliner.

Most beauty artists like to use mascara after lashes. However, we feel that the lashes attach to mascara better, particularly individual lashes.


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Bottom Line

We believe it’s safe to state that putting on false lashes is a genuine skill, whether you are a makeup pro or a makeup newbie. Things might quickly go from 0 to 100 after applying the adhesive and placing the false eyelash strip on our eyes.

We don’t want unnatural-looking lashes. Therefore, that’s the last thing we want. Wearing fake lashes like an expert becomes part of the routine with little time, patience, and experience.

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