How to Choose the Best Fake Lashes for Your Wedding Day?

How to Choose the Best Fake Lashes for Your Wedding Day?

It’s your big day “The Wedding Day” you deserve to look fabulous. Luxe, long, fluttering false lashes can instantly transform your look. Applied properly they can enhance natural eye shape and size amazingly. So it makes sense considering false lashes to glam up bridal vibes. The great thing is you will be photographed with an extra highlighted pop.

There are a plethora of wedding lashes out there. You can feel solving a jigsaw puzzle, maybe overwhelmed to see hundreds of styles and types of lashes.

Do some research and take some important concerns into considerations, you will surely end up having a great set of lashes.

Do some research?

Although your stylist and makeup artist is there to do the job for you, But before application or purchase do some research, read some authentic blogs about false eyelashes. Read the reviews of various wedding lashes online.

Overall Look

There are several looks that can be achieved with falsies. First of all, ask yourself what overall look you want on your wedding, Natural, dramatic, sexy, or subtle. After consulting your stylist and finalizing the overall look select a pair of best fake lashes that makes sense with your overall style.

For example, if it’s a destination wedding, outdoor wedding venue, or summer wedding, a natural look with natural fake lashes will complement your bridal vibes.

If you’ve got a very flowing dramatic wedding look with lots of lights around, a dramatic, heavy, set of falsies will do favors.

False lashes or semi-permanent lashes

Fake lashes have two options to choose from semi-permanent professional lash extensions and temporary glue-on lashes. Choose one best suitable to you.

Lash extensions                                          

The lash extension will last for 3 to 6 weeks. You can choose any style according to your overall look. Expect no mascara smudges during the emotional hours. Hassel-free, photo-ready looks for all the wedding parties and honeymoon period.

Glue on temporary lashes

Online and stores aisles are full of these prearranged strip lashes. Strip and cluster lashes add a quick finishing touch. They are budget-friendly; you can buy and switch different styles according to your wedding and post-wedding looks.

decal lashes

Which one to choose

  • It is up to you. If you are comfortable and can handle strip lash applications, they are the best as you can switch different styles.
  • Extensions are a fantastic option if you are not allergic to strong lash glues, you feel uncomfortable wearing strip lashes, you want to wake up looking gorgeous without makeup.
  • Another pro tip is, make a combo of both, sick to strip lashes for pre-wedding night outs, bachelorette parties. Get lash extensions done for the wedding and post-wedding days. Switch back to falsies for everyday life.

Appearanz is the place to find a comprehensive line of false lashes, eyelash extension supplies, and tools with the absolute best quality at an affordable price. Order a few exceptional great-looking lash styles to try on and look gorgeous with the best suitable on the wedding day.

Eye shape

Falsies are meant to enhance and accentuate your eye shapes. Small eyes can look bigger, wide-open with the right falsies style. For instance, monolid eyes may look weighing down with layered dense lashes, ruining your wedding look. Instead staying lighter with a crisscross design will add certain drama to the lash line.

Choose a pair that frames your eyes perfectly giving them dimension and depth.


Always consider your hair color. It’s utterly important for a radiant and prominent lash look. False lashes should be a bit darker on the wedding day. It will help them show up in the photos. A bit of sheen would appear classic in photos afterward.

lashes for wedding

Choose good quality lash glue

Except for magnetic false lashes, all falsie need glue to stick on. You would need good quality, long strength lash glue that will hold lashes throughout the wedding activities without any discomfort.

Glue strength is important to bear the burden of sweating, crying, and dancing for hours.

Sometimes glue might cause allergic reactions; red eyes, watery eyes, swelling, etc. the reasons behind it might be low-quality adhesive, poor application method, or natural skin sensitivity.

Know that they are all avoidable with a little effort. Buy high-quality medical-grade glue or hypoallergenic glue. Take an allergic test before the wedding.

Lash Size

Prefer your eye shape while choosing the lengths and volume. For a bride, very long lengths are not recommended. The bride’s eyes are open throughout the ceremony so the extra long lengths will cover up the beautiful eye makeup. The best way is to stay between thick and long, not too heavy or long.

Lash Band

Look out for the most comfortable and flexible lash band. A lash band is a thing that ensures comfort, fit and, the longevity of lashes. There is a variety of bands, invisible or clear band, thick band, glittered, magnetic, ¾ lash bands.

It’s preferably right to choose a flexible lash band for bridal application. They are easy to apply and stick firmly for long hours. Stiffer bands may pop out from sides during the ceremonial hours.

Comfort level

It’s important to feel and look good on your special day. What matters the most is the comfort level. A bride might need to wear them for 9 to 10 hours. If you are not used to wearing falsies, you will definitely feel uncomfortable, heavy, and irritated. You might experience watery eyes due to glue application.

To avoid these risks you still have options

  • Wear them as a trial beforehand; to get used to the feel of falsies, to check glue reactions and strength.
  • If you are not comfortable with full strips, try clusters or flares. They are lighter, buildable, and, comfortable than full strip lashes.
  • During the trial, if it becomes hard to avoid watery, irritated eyes. Magnetic lashes are another glamorous option to put your eyes on the best show.

After experiments take a decision based on your ease and comfort level.

Buy a package deal

Many lashes don’t come with glue, and tools, you’ve to buy them separately. It might be worthwhile to buy a package deal if you are not familiar with falsies. The lash kits usually have several pairs of lashes, lash tools, and adhesive so you don’t have to purchase anything additional.

decal lashes

Take Away

Choosing the best fake lashes for your wedding is a daunting task. Your choice of false lashes can influence your whole bridal look. Just a little mindfulness and research enables you to find the right pair for your dream day. Try wearing them before the wedding to get used to them. Buy the best quality product to avoid the reaction. And last but not least put your comfort first; you don’t want to have bad lash days after all.

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