Are Magnetic Lashes Safe for Your Natural Lashes?


Are Magnetic Lashes Safe for Your Natural Lashes?

The lash lovers are always on the hunt for new easy, safe ways of elevating their eye flares. False lashes were notorious for being tricky to apply and even harder to remove. And with messy glue, pesky tweezers, and right placement on eyelid it was tiring for lash admirers. Magnetic lashes are a new lash boosting innovation, heavenly ease for flutter lovers. Unlike glue-on lashes, they are secure to each other with miniature magnets.

Magnetic eyelashes are considered safe for your natural lashes and eyes more than other false lashes with potentially harmful glues. Since there is no glue involved while applying and removing magnetic lashes they are relatively safer and easier than the traditional glue-on lashes.

But an important fact is any makeup product is safe if you use it correctly. Misuse or incorrect application may cause problems and complications.

What are they made of? 

Magnetic lashes are lash strips having tiny magnets on the lash band or magnetic eyeliner to attach. Some are made of acrylic resin, Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), while others may be of natural hair of mink, sable, fox, or human hair.

Similarly, magnetic eyeliners are composed of a clinically approved ingredient; Iron oxide. Iron Oxide is tiny pigments to intact the false lashes together. Iron oxides are pigment-containing minerals that are small enough to not cause any significant health risks, so stay safe.

Are magnetic lashes safe for your natural lashes?

Yes, they are. If you use them with care and caution.

A downside often associated with false lashes is the harm they can cause to your natural eyelash. They stick with glue on your eyelid, close to your eyelashes, lash extensions are glued directly to your natural lashes. The extra glue sometimes sets on your natural lashes and while removing takes away some natural lash strands. Fall of lash extension can also result in damaged lashes or sparse spots.

 Magnet lashes save from such complications.  They are safe for a series of reasons.

No-fuss with glue

While applying them no glue is needed. Magnetic falsies are a set of two lash strips lower and upper. They have small magnet chips. You place a strip onto your lash line and the second one, just underneath it. The magnets on both strips stick them together, natural lashes stay between them safely.

How magnetic lashes save you from the glue hazards

You don’t have to worry about glue entering your eyes.

You are not gluing anything to your natural lashes. No chances of brittle, dry natural lashes.

Magnetic lashes are more hygienic. if not clean properly, residual glue left on the lashes can cause serious bacterial infections. Magnetics keeps away that risk. However, they too require a proper cleanliness routine after removal.

Regular use of glue may conclude in irritation to the eyes or skin around the eyes. Magnetic falsies have no contact with skin tissues. They are safer in the sense.

Glue-on falsies are stuck to the skin, or directly onto the lashes. Magnetic false lashes are placed near your lash line, natural lashes are sandwiched between them without putting extra pressure on them. The chances of breakage of natural ashes fade away for the fact.

Removal of magnetic eyelashes is safe for your natural lashes

The Removing technique of magnetic lashes is so swift and clean. You don’t need to apply oils, makeup removers to soften the glue and wait. No matter how soft the glue becomes, you still need to pull them off and might lose some lash strands

Magnetic falsies save you from the risk of accidentally taking off your natural lashes. Removing them is as easy as applying them.

Take the lash corner in your index finger and the thumb. gently detach magnetic chips by applying a little pressure downwards. Detach all magnetic supports one by one keeping your natural lashes secure.

The good thing about magnetic lash removal is, you have no fear of any false lash sticking to the natural lash and damaging them.

Less stress on your natural lashes

Your real lashes have a natural shedding cycle. Glued lashes can lay extra stress on hair follicles and the pulls while removing may cause a premature shedding cycle. Magnetics is less stressful as the pressure is divided between the magnets.

A break from glue-on lashes

If you are addicted to luscious fuller lashes, magnetic lashes are a break from your false glued-on lash routine. Wearing false strip lashes or regular lash extensions can put additional pressure on your natural lash growth cycle. They may shed and become thinner when growing back. The expert suggests taking a month’s break between two lash extensions, (if possible). During the period hang on to magnetic, they are as super glamorous as glue-on.

A better option for glue allergic falsies fans

People having sensitive skins may have an allergic reaction towards glues for falsies. Magnetic lashes don’t pose the issue. You are safe yet gorgeous like always.

No harm to eyes due to magnetic holders

There is a myth about having a magnetic field around your sensitive eyes. the experts explained that the amount of electromagnetic frequency emitted by the falsies magnet is too low to harm your eyes. so the risk is as low.

Magnetic eyeliner and your safety

Some magnetic lashes are designed to use with magnetic eyeliners, the question of health and safety arises again. Since it’s a liquid it has chances of seeping into the skin and eyes.

The answer is clear; the magnetic eyeliner works because of the main ingredient Iron-Oxide. That is clinically approved for many cosmetics including eye shadows, lipsticks. So you don’t have to worry about it.

How you can be safe

Some factors guarantee the safety of your skin and natural lashes while using any product.

  • Know your skin

You should have complete knowledge of your skin type, and the products that can cause allergies to your eyes and skin.

  • Correct application

Correct application and removal methods ensure the well-being of your natural lash line.

  • Correct amount

You should know the right amount of glue for lash connectivity, lessor or more both can be unfavorable.

  • Quality of the product

A low-grade product can cause serious harm to your lashes. For your precious natural flares spent on a high-grade clinically approved product.

Final words

Magnetic false eyelashes are clinically safe and approved for your eyes and natural lashes. They are good for those who cannot bear the glues essential for false eyelashes. Before using any lash solution you should keep in mind, they are safe if you handle them in the right way, follow instructions for correct application, removing, cleansing, and for proper aftercare.

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