Tips to Prevent Eyelash Loss

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Tips to Prevent Eyelash Loss

Eyelash Loss is divided into many situations. If your condition is treatable, there are ways to go about curing it. Some of these tips include;

Healthy Diets

The hair is made up of protein, vitamins, and some minerals. When the hair is not getting enough of these nutrients, it gets weak and falls off. A diet rich in these key nutrients replenishes the hair and makes it grow well.

Hair Serums and lash conditioning treatments

There are several hair growth serums and conditioning treatments that work for the eyelash too. They can be used alone or along with your makeup. They come as mascara or mascara-like products and are applied with a brush. Sometimes, you may need to talk to a physician before using some of these products. Most of them come with a prescription.

Change your eye makeup

If you notice your mascara or eyeliner is causing allergies, you should stop using them to prevent inflammations and irritations. Switch to non-waterproof products that come off easily.

Other tips include

  • Removing your makeup carefully
  • Clean off your makeup before sleeping
  • Stop curling your lashes till they get stronger
  • Use lash remover instead of pulling off your extensions and falsies

Alternatively, you can as well cover up the loss with eye extensions, especially if the condition cannot be treated.

Appearanz eyelash extension comes in different curls, lengths, and thicknesses. There is the

J curl lashes are one of the most natural-looking lashes that work best for those with thick lashes pointing upward or straight

D curls or CC curls are similar to the c curl lashes. But more effective for those with down-pointing natural lashes who want more drama in their eye.

B curls give more curl to straight natural lashes than the J curl and it has more curl than it too

C curls are suitable for those with slightly curled natural lashes to add drama to the eye and open eye effect.

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