Fake Lashes for Halloween


Fake Lashes for Halloween

When we think of falls we inevitably think of Halloween. There are many obvious things that come to our minds, costumes, candies, pumpkins, and funky, creative makeup. One thing you must add to your Halloween look this year is the fun false eyelashes.

Our favorite fun part of Halloween is crafting and perfecting our new appearances to incorporate with our ensembles. Funky wigs, creative outfits, unique makeup are all on the horizon but we still crave a better new inspiration for the day to stand out. Decorating your eyes with fun lashes, colors, decals, embellishments would be revamping for your Halloween look.

APPEARANZ false eyelashes range for Halloween

Here at Appearanz we have an executive range of unique false eyelashes to reinvent your Halloween character looks.

Decals false eyelashes

It wouldn’t be Halloween without firing up. Match your eyes with your costume and character look with lashes with tiny decals on them. There are plenty of characters stuck to different styles of lashes to create your favorite look on Halloween.

Red Devil | 3D Faux Mink Lash

Devil is a very scary and classic Halloween character. Hundreds of versions of this famous character are there to adopt on Halloween. The red devil 3D faux mink is one amazing eyelash style with red devil decals to go with any look you like. Adding up horrifying horns, and intricate makeup you can scar the whole around you.


Red Butterfly | 3D Faux Mink Lash

If you have long hair, pick up front hair, slightly twist and roll them, pin-up at the back. Decor your hair with beautiful butterfly clips. Draw colorful butterflies on the temple near your eyes and freshen up your eyes with APPEARANZ eyelashes with red butterfly decals. Look out for some props to achieve your complete Halloween look, like a fresh bouquet of flowers, a flagpole with butterflies, etc.


Flower Garden | Lash 3D Faux Mink

Make your Halloween a floral fun event. Create a memorable Halloween floral headband with a beautiful floral patterned outfit. Glam up with colorful eyes shadows and Flower Garden decal lashes and spread love and peace around. The colorful flowers will set the mood on Halloween like any other fun event.


Scary, creepy looks for Halloween

Halloween is supposed to be scary, creepy, and sneaky. So everybody caught up to find something terrifying and wired from costume to face paint. If you are stumped for ideas on how to look on October 31st. These scary Halloween lashes will help you create some awesome looks. Adding up decal lashes will perfect your Halloween character look this year. Get some absolutely sneaky pair of lashes to get the scary gross;

Haunting Ghost | 3D Faux Mink Lash


Halloween Skull | 3D Faux Mink Lash


Colored false eyelashes

Colored false eyelashes are simply the best way to add dimension to an ordinary and average look. Colored false lashes at APPEARANZ can be used as a single color or make a combo of two favorite colors. They are super light and will not weigh heavy on your natural lashes. They will amplify the volume and beauty of your natural lashes and the look you are carrying on Halloween. Chose one of 5 stunning colors from APPEARANZ colored false lashes.

Deep Ocean Blue | 3D Faux Mink Lash

If sweet is your taste, try Elsa from Frozen, with vivid eye makeup to create her round beautiful eyes. Long golden hair braid wig with Deep Ocean Blue 3D Faux Mink natural false lashes by APPEARANZ.

You can match your blue manicure to your blue eyelashes. Beautiful white net head covering and a stunning white dress to look like an ice-queen


Matcha Latte | Green 3D Faux Mink Lash

Green your Halloween with Matcha Latte Green 3D faux mink lashes. They are excellent for adding up glamour and color to poison Ivy echo- terrorist characters look on Halloween.  A red wig with green lashes would definitely be taking the creative costume to the next level.

·        Another idea would be a pretty green which, neon green hair color and green lashes with dark jet black eyeliner around the eyes. On a green painted face draw few scars like patterns with white eyeliner to emphasize the look.

·        You can create a mystical mermaid look with green lashes on. The fun and flirty ocean-blue costume with a dash of glittering blue and green sequences will look absolutely gorgeous with green mesmerizing eyes lash.

matcha-latte-green-3d-faux-mink-lash (2)

Sunflower | Yellow 3D Faux Mink Lash

You want to wear a Hippie vibrant colored dress along with big round feathered earrings, multicolored bangles, and large necklaces. Double up the hippie vibrant look with APPEARANZ Sunflower Yellow 3D faux mink lashes. You can use two colors from the colored lash range to add drama and individuality to your outlook mix yellow-green or yellow blue lashes to look fabulous.

matcha-latte-green-3d-faux-mink-lash (2)

Hot Pink | 3D Faux Mink Lash

Make your statement with APPERARANZ Hot Pink 3D lashes framing your eyes. Create a fantasy doll-like look with APPEARANZ PINK BLOSSOM/ PINK OMBRE synthetic wig. Pair this bright bubble gum pink fading into a white wavy hair wig with hot pink eyelashes. Color your brows brown outline and hot pink eye pencil to make it look more supernatural. Mix and match purples and pinks to highlight the eye area. To add some fun and glam make some dots with white eyeliner above your brow and on the cheekbones. Wear a floral headband, you are there to surprise all with your pinky winky doll look.

hot-pink-3d-faux-mink-lash (1)

You can either wear this pair of lashes with purple, white, or black outfits to uplift any desired look.

Black and Brown

Black and brown are two universal colors that can elevate any color costume on Halloween. Draw a Masquerade Mask from any color of your choice add some interesting elements to highlight the look, complete your look with Mink Firework | 3D Faux Lash maximum volume and 5 -18 mm lengths are excellent to create a super glam eye-catching look through your beautiful masquerade mask.


Brown and black both can be used to create dozens of looks like, the frightening vampire, the broken doll, the awkward clown, cat women, the scary which.

The Final Words

There is nothing like creative makeup that takes your Halloween costume to next level, but the right fake eyelashes are the icing on the top. Be creative with your lashes this Halloween; embellish a simple pair with glitters, stones, or feathers to stand out in the crowd. Or wear a colored set to cherish your day. You have a great option to set your eyes with lashes with decals, experience these unique lashes here at APPEARANZ this Halloween.

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