Cat-eye and Eyelashes for Hooded Eyes


Cat-eye and Eyelashes for Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes it doesn’t mean you can’t have the glamorous smearing cat eyes.

  • Start with brows; try to create as much space as you can by making the arch of brows high. If you don’t have high arches, brush your brow hair upwards and just fill the gaps with a brow pencil.
  • Don’t make brows thicker. Thick brows will overcome your eyelid and lessen your falsies effects.
  • Since there is no space on eyelids you need to create a new lid space above the natural crease line. After applying concealer carve out outer cat flick and fake crease above your natural crease with a brown eye shadow. Blend the outer corner and new crease feathering it outward, it will elongate the eyes and highlights the eyelid area.
  • Smoke out the same eye shadow on the lower lash line to balance the new crease.
  • Create depth on the upper outer corner and one-third of the lower lash line with a deeper brown shade.
  • Use a black eye shadow to create a winged liner look on both the top and bottom lash line.
  • Apply a brighter or shimmery shade on the remaining eyelid and brow bone to make your hooded eyes pop up

The game-changer false lashes                                            

  • Draw a thin short-winged cat-eyeliner and fill up the waterline with a black pencil. To make the real difference pick up wispy false lashes, longer winged out strands, shorter in the inner corner so that it doesn’t cover up the lid space, the most desired cat-eye look perfect for hooded eyes is ready to throw tantrums.

APPEARANZ ON POINT | 3D FAUX MINK LASH is the best to uplift this cat-eye look for hooded eyes. The high-quality vegan PBT hair will seamlessly blend with your natural lashes for a flawless stunning lash look.

on-point-3d-faux-mink-lash (1)

Magnetic lashes are heaven for hooded eyes

Women with hooded eyes go through some really hard times. Simple fake lashes are pretty hard on hooded lids. The lash line of hooded eyes disappears beneath the eyelid. And when they blink, the friction dwindles away the glue. The fear of lash flicking out is quite depressing. Magnetic eyeliner took away such fears by eliminating fake lashes glue and staying on all day long. And the price is extremely affordable too.

When APEARANZ magnetic eyeliner false eyelashes are in your hand “your troubles are gone, and lashes are long”. Forget clumps of glue sticking your hooded eyelid folds. The specially formulated magnetic eyeliner is clinically approved and safe for your eyes and skin. Try one for your hooded eyes lids and stay confident all day long.


Shape your eyebrows cleverly

To double the false eyelash impact and create space between your brows and lash line shape your brows in a way that expands space under your brow bone. Take out hair from the lower line of the brow. Try not to lay your brow straight on the eyes.

The Final Words

Hooded eyes are mysterious and awesome. The fake lashes have the ability to transform the whole makeup look. And vice versa right makeup technique enables you to wear any style of lashes without any fear of awkwardness.  The right eyelash and makeup can make your hooded eyes look more awake, utterly captivating, and a misfit lash can overwhelm your eyes under your lids. Keep experimenting with your looks and grab the right eye accessory.

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