How To Maintain My False Eyelashes

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How To Maintain My False Eyelashes

False lashes are one of the vital accessories needed to achieve an utterly stunning makeup look. These falsies help in extending and darkening your natural lashes to give them a fuller look. With this, your eyelashes will get extra attention from the crowd as they will not fail to impress them.

If you have thin lashes, using falsies for a casual gathering or a fancy party will be a good decision. They will instantly intensify the appeal of our lashes. Falsies can last up to several uses if you use and store them carefully.

So, how do we maintain false eyelashes? You will know shortly!

How To Clean And Maintain False Eyelashes

When you use mascara or eyeliner with the falsies on, they may leave behind streaks or residues on the lashes. Plus, the glue you use to stick the false eyelashes on your lash line has to be cleaned too. Keeping your false eyelashes clean is one of the essential steps in maintaining them. False eyelashes are pretty delicate, so extra effort and care may be needed to ensure they are diligently clean for further use.

What are the ways? Let us find out.

Method # 1

Take a small bowl and pour in warm water. Add a few drops of dish soap to the bowl and allow the solution to mix.

  • Then, take your false lashes and straighten each lash hair. Meanwhile, keep an eye for any residue that you can easily remove and get rid of them. Remember to do the step with very gentle hands, or you may ruin the falsies.
  • Next, keep the lashes in the bowl and let them sit for 2 to 3 minutes so that the solution is soaked well.
  • Now, take the lashes out of the water and rub them very lightly with your fingers. Do not exert any extra force or pressure.
  • If there is still some glue stuck onto the lashes, try to get it off with a pair of tweezers while the lashes are still wet.
  • Set the lashes on a clean, flat surface and brush them gently with a Spoolie to ensure no more debris remains.
  • Once the lashes are completely dry, put them back in the case, and you are good to use them again.

Method # 2

Use cotton swabs and dip them in alcohol or an oil-free makeup remover.

  • Place the falsies on a clean towel and softly rub your lashes with the swab, removing any makeup debris and glue. Make sure to clean the lash bands as they can get pretty dirty after use.
  • Take another cotton swab and dip it in warm water to clean the mascara off the lashes.
  • Peel off any glue that remains on the eyelashes, lightly, of course. Leave the lashes to dry and then put them back in their proper shape.

On the other hand, this method may not be suitable for mink or any other natural eyelashes. Hence, you should know the type of false lashes you are using to avoid any mistakes.

Method # 3

This method is a relatively simple way of cleaning your false eyelashes.

  • Take two cotton pads and soak them in alcohol or oil-free makeup remover.
  • Place your falsies in between the soaked cotton pads.
  • However, just make sure you straighten out the lash hairs before placing them between.
  • All the makeup sitting on the false lashes will come off, leaving them hygienic.

This method is also suitable for synthetic false eyelashes, so please do not use it on natural lashes.

Tips To Take Care Of Your False Eyelashes

Here, you will know some of the tips that will enhance the life of or maintain your false eyelashes. Applying them to your lashes will save some bucks for you, as you can use the fake lashes for multiple uses.

  1. We know you love wearing mascara on your false eyelashes. After all, eyelashes are incomplete without a perfect mascara application. However, if you wish to take care of your false lashes, go for a water-based mascara. Remember, this is different from waterproof mascara, so check the difference with judgment. A water-based mascara will not harm your falsies, and you can even clean it off easily.
  • Do not pull, itch, or tug around on your lash area when wearing fake lashes. The friction will damage the lashes.
  • It is recommended not to sleep with your fake eyelashes on. You may damage the shape of the lashes. They may come in contact with the pillow when you are asleep, causing damageable friction between the lashes and the pillow.
  • Do not go into swimming pools that have chlorine mixed in the water. Or any other place where there is excessive heat like saunas for at least 24 hours after you apply the falsies. Also, going into salty seawater may harm the lashes as well.
  • Do not bend the false eyelashes because they can lose up their perfectly curled-up shape.
  • Always keep your false lashes in their case when you are not using them. This will prevent the lashes from curling or bending, thus preventing damage. Also, keeping the lashes enclosed in a case will keep the dirt and dust away from the fragile accessory.
  • When removing the fake lashes, peel off the lash layer with gentle hands. Slowly move forward because any hard force you put in can rip them apart. Hence, slow and steady is the key to their safe removal.
Bottom Line

These are tested tips and tricks we had in store for you to maintain your false eyelashes carefully. If you are looking for a great pair of false lashes, you can head over to Appearanz Online Store. No matter what eye shape you have, Appearanz will have a gorgeous pair of falsies for you. Don’t Wait Anymore! And get your favorite false eyelashes now!

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