How To Apply and Remove Magnetic Lashes

How To Apply and Remove Magnetic Lashes

Are you looking for new and time-saving ways to wear your trending magnetic lashes? The wait is over and it’s time to apply and remove those magnetic lashes like a pro. Having time-saving ways to apply your magnetic lashes can be a challenge especially when you are new to the game. Finding effective ways to apply and remove the lashes will not only save your time but will increase their shelf life too.

What are Magnetic Lashes

As the name depicts, these lashes are a game-changer as they are easy to wear and remove with the least minimal effort and time. The lashes range from different types, lengths, and designs with the magnetic lashes stealing the current trend due to their easy application, unique style, and their durability. The trend has recently proved it that lashes are fast becoming every lady’s beauty dream and hacks as they are suitable to carry you through all your day, be it business-wise or social-wise.

Appearanz magnetic lashes are made up of vegan fiber of faux mink allowing you to apply them on a daily basis for at most 35 wears if well taken care of without itching or causing any un-comfortableness.

Why Wear Magnetic Lashes?

They do not only serve the purpose of giving that sophisticated look on a budget, but they are a game-changer you need in your everyday cosmetics kit. Despite the fact that the lashes are every lady’s dream, they are made out of great quality products that enable them to have longer durability, easy to wear and remove, comfortable enough to carry you through the day as your best beauty companion as well as their affordability. They also come in classy and handy cases enabling you to conveniently carry and apply them at most places without a hustle.

Magnetic lashes are time savers as they are easy to wear and do not demand high skills and knowledge to be able to apply them. They take about three to five minutes to apply them which is what many ladies in pursuit of beauty need.

The lashes can stick for many hours without falling off. They are able to carry you throughout the day without you having to worry about them falling off as they would be firmly secured.

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

These lashes are undoubtedly easy to wear. They can be easily applied using few uncomplicated and interesting ways. Magnetic lashes can be applied using two main ways that depend on their type. The two ways are: securing the lashes to your lid with magnetic liner put on the top of your lid as well as by magnetic strips sandwiched together on the top and bottom of your lash.

How to Apply the Magnetic Strips Sandwiched Together Type

Basically, these types of lashes contain five to six magnet strips on the upper lash and two to three magnet strips on the lower lash put on the linings. This type of lashes is quite easy to wear as they do not require many products other than the lashes themselves. They can be worn using at most four easy steps to give you the glamorous look.


If you want to apply your lashes with other makeup accessories you should try and apply them first before your lashes to ensure that they do not get dirty whilst you do the other makeup. During this step, you can apply your mascara also especially on the outer parts of your lashes since the lashes do not really get into these parts. This also helps to get that uniform dark look on your lashes as you do not want to get them dirty by applying your mascara on them directly.


At this juncture, you can now line up your lashes with a pencil liner as you are trying to get rid of all the dirt that can reduce how long your lashes can stay.

After getting all these steps done, get ready to wear your lashes. Before doing that, you need to clear up your makeup working space and get a cloth to line the place with. This ensures that if your lash slips off and falls during the install you will be able to get it without any difficulties and well as getting it back clean as much as possible.


Get your lashes and place the top lash strip over your own eyelashes. The strip should not be really distant from your own lashes to ensure that the magnetic lash is firmly secured as well as aligning with your natural brows. You can use your index finger to do this process but to get the best look you can secure the lash with the lash installer or tweezers.


This is the last and final step of your glam look. After wearing the top lash, take the bottom lash which is usually marked by an indicator, and repeat Step 4 with your eyes wide open. Make sure you align the lash with your natural lashes. Once you have correctly secured your bottom lash, it will automatically lock-up with the top lash and they will be ready and secured to accompany you throughout your day without having to worry about them falling off.

How to Wear Magnetic Lashes with Magnetic Eyeliner

Instead of using the technique of sandwiching the lashes together, the lashes can also be applied using magnetic eyeliner. This eyeliner contains iron oxides enabling the lash to be secured to it firmly. The magnetic eyeliner is well tried and tested to ensure that it does not damage your eyes, so no need to worry. The process of putting on these lashes is relatively easy to achieve because once you have secured the lashes with glue, you will be good to go for the day.


Just as the other procedure has already been outlined, here all you need is to do your other makeup first if you are planning on putting it. When you are doing, there is a need to create a clean working environment as well as arraying a cloth in your work area. When this is all set, you jump into the application of mascara on the natural lashes to ensure that they blend exquisitely with the lashes, and also you would not want to put mascara on the magnetic lash as this will reduce the shelf life of the lashes.


Here you focus on drawing the line with the magnetic liner from the inner corner of the eye to the outside one following the line of your natural lash so that the lashes blend perfectly. This part requires some patience as you have to wait for the liner to dry up a bit before installing the lashes.


In this final step, to achieve the game-changing look you can trim your lashes a bit for them to fit perfectly on your lashes due to the different types and shapes of eyes. For the best results, apply the magnetic lashes from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer parts. With this look, you can wear your lashes for about eight hours and they will still be comfortable.

How to Remove Magnetic Lashes

After wearing your baddies for the day, you need to remove them carefully as much as how you have put them. Since you need to wear your lashes for about up to 35 wears there is much caution that has to be taken. In order to remove the lashes, first wash your hands as we are working with the eyes, hence, we need to maintain hygiene.

After your hands are clean the next step is to gently hold the outer corner of the lash with your index and thumb finger and slowly pull the lash from the lash line. Check for the magnet liner remains from the lashes and if there are any remains you can gently clean off the dirt before storing them to ensure durability.

As you would want to use your lashes again, store them in the container that they were bought in to ensure that they are well taken care of. To remove the magnetic liner from your lash lines, you can use damp wipes to gently massage the magnet until your lash line is clean and flawless.

Finally, the two types of lashes have to be well taken care of to ensure that their life span is not cut short as well as cleaning them. Magnetic lashes will up your beauty game every time you wear them.

It’s high time to end the hesitation and go for the flawless magnetic lashes! Comment below if you have ever tried magnetic lashes before and for those who have not tried them, it’s high time you give them a try.

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