What are the Best False Eyelashes for Spec Wearers

What are the Best False Eyelashes for Spec Wearers

Just because you wear vision corrector glasses, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy spectacular luscious, fluttery fake lashes. You just have to be a little considerate and careful while choosing a fake lash pair to wear with specs. Prefer to wear natural fake lashes to highlight your eyes behind the lenses.

The best fake eyelashes for spec wearers are lashes that grab attention to eyes instantly with a clear vision of course. If you get carried away, a wrong set of false lashes can end up crashing your glasses, and your favorite falsies will experience a shorter life span. Some realistic styles of fake lashes suitable for spec wearers are;

Natural fake lashes

Glasses are preferred for everyday use, and for special events women switch to contact lenses to correct their vision. Since it wearing glasses is a daily wear affair, falsies should be extra comfortable and easy to apply.

Women, who love wearing lashes every day for work, can really benefit from natural fake lashes. They would look simple and sophisticated. Prefer a set for everyday use that looks and feels extremely natural, lightweight, and soft.

Choose the beauty cult favorite APPEARANZ natural-looking set of falsies to adorn eyes behind glass curtains of your eyes. Truly soft faux mink material will never go harsh on your eyes. Choose your favorite lengths and curls according to your frame and eye shape.

natural false lashes

Thick and short false lashes

Any pro will recommend, go short with false lashes when wearing specs, especially for daily wearers. Short lengths would not bat up against glasses.

A short fuller flared style can’t go wrong with specs. Especially with high curl, they will surely pop and show through glasses but not brush against lenses.

Individual lashes

Individual lashes give you control over lengths, curls, and required density. If you are good at gluing on individual lashes, they are the best to make much more believable results than the pre-made set of lashes.

You can choose lash lengths according to your frame size and distance from your eyes. They will help you create lush on the required area without going heavy on the whole lash line.

Cluster or 2/3 lashes

If you have a little experience under your belt, clusters lashes can customize your style, especially for spec wearers. Short lashes at inner corners and a little longer at outer corners will give natural lashes a nice grace and volume, pointing away from glasses.

Likewise, 2/3 lash bands create a precise volume without going too much on lashes. It can give an elegant look. Little gracious strands will provide perfect drama to women who seek it.

The thin or transparent lash band

The lash band is just a matter of preference. Being a spec wearer you know, eyes look magnified behind the glasses so choosing a thin band works really well.

Although, thicker bands are easy to apply and add extra definition to eye shape. For a subtle, low-statement everyday look, or magnified eyes behind the lashes, a little definition is enough.

We recommend thin or transparent bands for glasses. Thin bands are lighter, less defined. Regardless of the lengths, volumes, and thickness, they will look settled up. Moreover, you’d have a choice to play with eyeliner every day.

Choose lighter tones

Falsies are now very versatile and available in different shades of black and brown. To look put together with glasses try on shades close to your natural hair tones. If you have a light tone of hair black falsie looks too heavy and popped up, leave them for special occasions.

Brown tones are a greater choice for blonds, brunettes, and red-headed. The end result with such tones would be so pretty and make eyes look absolutely gorgeous behind the glasses for both everyday and ceremonial looks.

APPEARANZ arguably wins the crown in fake lash brands when it comes to color tones of fake lashes. From rich black to natural brown, colorful sets to dramatic ones. no matter what style are you after. Especially brown falsies they offer are heaven for glasses. Light short, subtle, and will naturally disappear in natural lashes leaving an amazing fullness to the lash line.

light false lashes

Dramatic look behind glasses

Those flirtingly, long, faux mink lashes are very tempting, you don’t want to skimp on drama. We know!

For work and daily use, they are not practical. They will certainly obscure your vision. We have got some suggestions for spec wearers to go dramatic with falsies in a subdued yet exalted way.

Add volume not lengths

Add some luxury with volumized falsies and avoid lengths. Long fake lashes will definitely hit your glasses. And brush them when you blink your eyes.  Before applying lashes pay attention to using volume-creating mascara and curling your lashes right from the roots.

Short dense strands

Although dense, long fake lashes are not so recommended for glasses wearers. For a glam up and rocking look, wispy, dense lashes having short lengths will be more on the dramatic side without bothering or budging your glasses. The short-sighted ladies that put on glasses just on the tip of their noses enjoy the leverage of wearing a bit dense lashes.

Curl is your secret weapon

All the falsies drama lovers! Curl is your secret weapon if you wear glasses if you can’t quit on false lashes. A thickly curved lash will exaggerate your lash line without brushing the glasses. Choose a tight upward curl to open up your eyes. It will allow you to wear longer lengths that otherwise you can’t wear with glasses on.

If you already have a long-length lash set. Curl it with lash curler properly. The curl will lessen the chances of longer strands hitting your glasses.

Bottom lashes

For drama lovers, a very dramatic over-the-top look would be wearing bottom lashes instead of upper ones. Isn’t it amazing?

With a bigger frame, you can accentuate the lower part of your eyes wearing bottom lashes. You won’t need to go heavy on upper lids when bottom lashes will grab all the attention to eyes. So expect less effort on eye makeup and higher drama underneath eyes.

 Take Away

Choosing the right pair of lashes is important to extend the life of your beloved fake lashes when you have your specs on. If you wear glasses these fake eyelash tips will take your look to the next level without much effort. Natural fake lashes, a bit shorter yet volumized, light-colored falsies will rock your everyday look. To add some spicy drama play with curls, density, and bottom lashes. Natural or dramatic either way, just be sure to put them on, the right way.

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