How to Choose the Most Natural False Eyelashes?

strip lashes

How to Choose the Most Natural False Eyelashes?

Are you tired of making your eyes look droopy with the false lashes on? Does it make you uncomfortable while putting on the magnetic lashes?

We have the answer.

The most natural false eyelashes by Appearanz have become a fashion­­-saver for us. From making synthetic eyelashes to colored mink ones, we have them all. But how would you choose a set from different varieties available in our store?

Eyelashes complete the look of your fashion statement for the event. Whether it is a daytime get-together with your friends or your best friend’s wedding, you can quickly put them on without overdoing them. For the day, go with a little volume. But for the night, go dramatic.

The same way you will look for a dress in a shop. Without further delaying the prospect, let us share something with you.

Every eye has a different look. With round eyes, your iris will probably be visible all around. Like our girl RiRi, your eyes will be almond. For a dramatic look, both these eye shapes will go best with wispy lashes.

For a more voluminous look, you can go with 3D faux mink lashes. All the lashes at Appearanz are cruelty-free and vegan, you can reuse them.

What to Look For

One of the main reasons many fashion divas never forget to put on false eyelashes is because they give a natural look. Your eyes are the first feature noticed by someone. There are different types of lashes, the deeper we go, the more expensive yet natural they become.

Appearanz has always believed in providing products without harming nature. So we have proudly introduced cruelty-free, vegan falsies that are available in magnetic and classic strips.

The synthetic lashes are made from man-made fiber, not animal hair. This makes them one of the most widely used magnetic lashes, adding volume to your eyes. For a natural look, go with strip lashes that give an instant statement to your eye look.

· Individual Lashes

If you don’t want a dramatic look, individual lashes are the best. These lashes are 30-50 strands that you can put with tweezers in any part of the eye where you need to fill it. You can also put on mascara to blend the false and real lashes together. Everybody will ask about the night change in your lashes.

· Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are of two types, thicker on the outer and inner. For lifting and lengthening small eyes, the strip false lashes thicker on the outer space are the best. But if the eyelashes are thicker in the center, they minimize the look of bigger eyes.

strip lashes

· Color

To make the color of lashes blend with the natural ones, choose the natural color. Mixing brown falsies on black lashes gives it an incomplete look. But putting on brown magnetic lashes on brown natural lashes, now that’s a seamless style. The design of the lashes depends on your eye shape. But if you want a dramatic look, go with thick around the outer space falsies. Nothing beats this duo.

yellow lashes

· Glue

Glues come in two ways, tubes and brushes. The latter is for beginners who are still learning. But if you are going to reuse your lashes, use tube glue. Let the glue rest on the eyelash line of the falsies for thirty seconds. Carefully put the lashes on the iris line of your eye. Apply mascara to blend them together and you are done. Brush glues are messy and if applied to falsies, it can be a challenge to reuse them.

· Magnets

The magnetic eyelashes are the best. If you are in a hurry, inexperienced with unsteady hand eyelash application, these are for you. Magnetic lashes are expensive but once you bring them close to your lash line, they get attached quickly.

Instead of a messy glue application, all you need is eyeliner. These liners contain iron oxides which attract magnetic lashes and attach them for as long as you want. You can wear them 35 times. For longevity, wash them after every use.


· Almond Eyes

Almond eyes can go with any eyelash design. You can choose 3D faux mink magnetic lashes as well as lighter ones. Magnetic lashes in a lash tray that fill unfilled places of your eyelashes can become your everyday use. Experiment for a dramatic look. For instant, you can go with voluminous eyelashes by evenly distributing the lashes.

· Mono-lids

Eyes that have upper lids hidden are mono-lids. For a fluttery look, go with full lashes for your eyes. This will help in bringing out your eyes without making them appear dramatic. The lashes should have multiple layers and complete your eye’s instant statement. Although it is more common among Asian ethnicities mono-lid eyelash designs come with diversity. Always curve the lashes together to blend them for a more curvy and natural look.

· Round Eyes

The round eyes are large, have visible white iris on the upper and lower part of your eyes. For a complete look to these eyes, wispy lashes are the best. You can wear them without making it dramatic. But if you want to add a dramatic look to your eyes, wear lashes with thickness in the center. These will give the eyes a seductive look and make them appear flawless.

· Close-set or Upturned Eyes

If you have close-set or upturned eyes, you have basically cat eyes. Eyelashes that are thicker on the corner and get thinner in the center are the ones for you. magnetic lashes are best in this case that will not only fill the spaces but also get thicker on the edges as per your need.

A Final Verdict

We, at Appearanz, are working to bring together seamless designs after decades of experience and 3 years of working. For a dramatic look, go with 3D lashes, for a plain yet natural look, go with wispy ones. There is a huge variety to choose from and you can get an idea for your eyes after reading this article.

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