Want to Glam on New Year Eve – Get These Lashes with Decals

Want to Glam on New Year Eve – Get These Lashes with Decals

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, this is the best time to give a thought about the dressing and makeup style you want to choose for this new year’s party and gatherings.

We are sure you would want to look your absolute best among your friends and family while staying at the top of the trend wagon.

So, we have a few recommendations for false lashes with decals for you.

What Are False Decal Lashes?

Applying false lashes will be one of the integral parts of your New Year’s makeup look. Without some gorgeous falsies, your makeup will not feel complete, and there will be a sense of something missing.

Decal lashes are the new hype of the town. Since more and more people are learning about eyelashes with decals, it has become a chic trend. Nevertheless, what are decal lashes actually?

These colorful falsies are normal pairs of false eyelashes with small jewels and glitter shaped as various logos, letters, and other symbols. They look very glamorous on your eyes and create a fashion statement like no other. You can also get decal eyelashes for theme parties. For example, you can choose lashes with spooky decals for Halloween to intensify your costume’s vibes.

Lashes With Decals For New Year’s Eve

In this part, we are going to recommend some of the best decal lashes you can lay your hands on. Picking these for the end-of-the-year party will totally revamp the aura around your eyes, making everybody fall in love with your look.

Let’s have a look at some gorgeous pairs of fake lashes.

·       Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree decal lashes will give you all the holiday vibes at the party. This is a pretty innovative design that will not fail to garner everybody’s attention. Decorated with cute Christmas trees and star decals, this false lash is all you need to feel the Christmas and New Year’s vibes alongside.


·       Rainbow Star

Another false lash with decals to add to your collection. This pair features nine small sparkling stars on each lash that will shine out beautifully. With varying-colored decals, this one will surely give you the glam you have been craving for so long.


·       Pink Snowflake

Fake lashes are so adorable you can’t resist wearing them. These falsies come with 4 snowflake decals of different colors on each lash. With the winter season at its peak during the New Year, you can match the vibe with these cutesy snowflake lashes. The lashes will create a beautiful appearance over your real lashes.


·       Butterfly Wonderland

Love butterflies so much? Do they leave you in awe whenever you sight them? Then, this is the perfect pair of false eyelashes for you. Express your sheer love for the beautiful creatures by wearing the butterfly lashes with decals this New Year’s Eve. It has small, gorgeous butterfly decals to intensify the outlook.


·       White Snow

With parts of the world covered in snow during New Year’s Eve, these lashes with decals will turn up your glam. It has one big and one small snowflake decal on each lash to give a cold aura to your appearance. Isn’t it something perfect to match the feelings of icy New Year?


·       Flower Garden

Choose the Flower Garden lashes if you look for eyelashes with decals that will produce a sweet and pretty appearance. Including eye-catching small colorful flower decals on both lashes, these lashes will make you feel gorgeous. Also, it will be a great addition to your New Year’s Instagram pictures.

flower garden

·       Merry Christmas

What better way there is to tell the world how much you love the Christmas season and all the joy it brings than to let your false eyelashes say it. This unique lash comes with 1 Christmas tree, one candy cane, and one yellow star decal on each lash. Indulge yourself in the holiday season with these brilliant falsies.


·       Crystal Snowflake

One more pair of false eyelashes to wear this winter on New Year’s Eve. The Crystal Snowflake is the right falsies to wear over your eyes. With one big and two small snowflake decals on each lash, these will make you adore the winter vibes.


·       Sparkle Stars

The sparkle stars will light up your mood with their distinguished design. From sky blue to hot pink stars, these lashes have them all. They radiate rainbow colors to create a happy atmosphere around and within you. So, probably one of the best picks for this New Year’s Eve.


·       Jigsaw Puzzle

Such chic false lashes with decals that have an attractive and curious look to them. It has 5 pieces of jigsaw puzzle decals on each lash, all in unique colors to create the perfect New Year’s makeup look. Whatever outfit you choose to wear will definitely meet your expectations, and the outcome will surprise you.


The Best Lashes With Decals

Now coming to one of the important parts of this article. Where can you find all these gorgeous pairs of false lashes with decals? Well, you can get them all at Appearanz. Crafted carefully with high-quality materials, these lashes will not disappoint you in terms of durability and comfort. You can wear them all day long without feeling a hint of discomfort.

The Daisy false eyelashes are handmade with love. Made with high-quality faux mink material, you can rely on them for quality and longevity. Plus, they contain gorgeous daisy decals that will highlight the aura of your eyes, no matter what their shape and size are.

Mysterious Planet is one superb pair of applying false lashes with decals that will leave you stunned with their looks. It will give you a dreamy vibe to explore beyond our universe. Further, they are waterproof. Hence, you can wear them without any worries about damage.

Bottom Line

Conclusively, these were all the decal lashes we wanted to suggest for New Year’s Eve. Good luck in choosing the right one for yourself!

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