What are A-list 3-D Faux Mink Eyelashes?

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What are A-list 3-D Faux Mink Eyelashes?

If you heard of mink lashes before then you probably know what it’s all about, but for those that don’t here is what it means. Mink lashes are lashes made from polybutylene terephthalate (PTB).

Many eyelash users use mink lashes today because it is flexible and hold very well, and it is now an amazing eyelash extension.

One of the best features of mink lashes is the mink fibers, it is less likely to irritate and are safe to use near the eye. So to sum it up mink faux lashes are a flexible, lightweight, and soft eyelash extension.

Some Tips to Note:

If you want to have some fun or want to go out with your friends, even for business then wearing a 3-D faux mink lash is a great option.

  • It is a luxurious lightweight eyelash.
  • It is a full-volume eyelash but at the same time manages to stay lightweight.
  • 3-D faux mink lashes are soft eyelashes that give a natural look.
  • The PTB material provides the most comfortable wear. You feel very free wearing them.

How to apply 3-D faux mink Lashes

If you want to finish a flawless look, then lashes are what you want, or in this case, 3-D faux lashes. No matter the reason behind you wearing lashes, like making your lashes thicker or wanting to add length then 3-D faux mink lashes will get the job done.

For example, the 3-D faux mink lashes you will find at the Apearanz store a quality, thick and fluffy lash. The best thing about the 3-D faux Mink lashes is that with proper aftercare, they are reusable.

Applying eyelashes takes a bit of learning and if you don’t want to learn it for yourself, then we advise you to go to a professional eyelash technician. If you wish to learn it, then the steps below will show you how.

  1. Trim the lashes

We all have different eyelash shapes, which means an eyelash extension won’t fit our lashes perfectly. Most people with bigger eyes won’t encounter this problem, but those with smaller eyes might. So in this step, the goal is to trim the 3-D faux mink lashes to fit your eyes perfectly.

To trim the lash extension perfectly, hold it against your eyelid and measure the excess part. Remove it and trim off the measured excess part of the lash extension.

It will be wise if you practice eyelash trim on cheaper lashes for a while before doing it on 3-D faux mink lashes.

  1. Apply Glue

Coming to the interesting part and critical. No matter how bad you want to rock your new 3-D faux mink lashes, you don’t want to rush this part. The lash we want is gluing your eye shut.

You want to apply a thin layer of glue to the 3-D lash extension. Please don’t go heavy on the glue or you might have clumpy glue thinking out everywhere.

Let the glue sit for 30 seconds then you apply because, by this time, the glue won’t be wet but sticky. Make sure the glue has been applied from end to end of the lashes. The last thing you want is part of the lashes lifting up throughout the day.

  1. Perfect fitting

This step is tricky because this is where you fix the lashes perfectly. The goal is to get the lash extension as close to the lash line as possible without getting twisted up with your natural lashes.

What you are going to do here is place a mirror under your face and look down at it. In this position, you can see your eyes and avoid poking them.

Now apply the lashes care going as close to the eyelid as possible.

If your hands are shaking when you are applying them, get a pair of tweezers and hold the lashes at the tip and apply carefully.

  1. The finishing touch

After you successfully apply the 3-D faux mink lashes, the next and last step is blending the lash band and glue. What you want to do here is take eyeliner and gently swipe it across your eyelid. This will make the eyelash, the band, and the glue blend as one.

When you are all done, the next thing to do is admire your new flawless 3-D faux mink lashes.


  • practice eyelash trimming on cheaper lashes
  • apply a thin layer of glue to the 3-D lash extension.
  • If your hands are shaking, use a tweezer.
  • Use eyeliner to make the lashes blend.

What to do and What not to do when caring for your 3-D faux mink lashes.

  • Wait at least 24-48 hours after applying your lash before you clean them.
  • Use a soft brush and an eyelash cleaner to clean your lashes every 3 days.
  • Make sure you brush your 3-D faux mink lashes every morning to make them look nice and clean.
  • Make sure all makeup has been clean for your eyes before bed.
  • Do not rub your eyes, because you could damage your lashes.
  • Make sure you do not get your lashes wet after applying them because you could damage them.
  • Avoid using waterproof makeup on your lash extension, it could soften the glue used.
  • Lashes tend to feel weird when recently applied. Leave them for a while and it will become ok. Avoid picking them.
  • Do not sleep with your face facing the pillow. You can damage your eyelash extension by pressing it against the pillow.
  • Cluster lashes will damage your lash extension and your natural lashes, so avoid them.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers every time especially if you do not know how to use them, because you could damage your 3-D faux mink lashes. Get an expert to teach you how to use one.


Know that you know more about 3D faux mink lashes than you did before you can know ahead and buy them. You find an amazing collection of them in the Appearanz store.

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