Can you Wear False Lashes When Swimming


Can you Wear False Lashes When Swimming

When it comes to expressing your beauty, eyelashes are one way to go about it. We always want to express our beauty the best we can, and we want to do it everywhere we go. With eyelash extensions, we can draw the attention we need to ourselves.

The truth is we want to be able to express our beauty anywhere we go like when swimming. We may be thinking, is it safe to swim with eyelash extension. It’s summer we want to look beautiful and also express it, what better way to do it than to go swimming or go to the beach.

So the question answered in this article is can I go swimming with an eyelash extension.

So to answer your question, can you go swimming with your lash extensions?

The answer is yes you can, but the are some things you have to consider before going ahead.

When swimming in the ocean you have to consider the saltwater, and when swimming in a pool, you have to consider the chlorine chemical. It will be wise you wash your eyelash extension after swimming with clean water. Use a quality eyelash cleanser and a cotton pad to clean your eyelash extension.

If your eye extension is new, try to minimize the chance of getting them wet in the first 48 hours.

After swimming, you can brush it with mascara to make it clean and nice.

Using Mascara

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if you are using waterproof mascara or not, the odds are it will smudge while swimming. You end having mascara all over your eye area. Having dried makeup on your wet skin can cause irritation. It is advisable not to use it before swimming but can use it after. This tip applies to salted water and chlorinated water.

Lashes in pool

it is a false statement that you can not swim with eyelash extension. You can swim with them, just make sure they are glued properly.

One caution you can take is wearing goggles. Goggles can help protect your eyelashes if you are still worried. It will also protect them if you encounter any wall or anything on your part.

Saltwater and your eyelash extension

It is true salt water can affect your eyelash extension. This process does not happen immediately but over time. If a person goes into saltwater regularly, with proper aftercare for the lashes, you likely will have your eyelash extension affected. It is advisable to rinse your lashes with fresh clean water after being in saltwater.

Eyelash products and swimming

Get some eyelash cleaning product now, especially if you plan to go swim a lot. You must always have a good eyelash extension cleaning product with you, so you can keep your lash clean and nice always.

Another eyelash extension product you should invest in is quality eyelash glue. If you plan to go swimming and you want your eyelash extension to fall out at the first touch of water, then a quality glue is important.

Cleaning your eyelash extension after swimming

I think by now we can both agree how important it is to clean your eyelashes after swimming, both in the ocean and swimming pool. When you clean properly, you remove any chlorine or salt water residue left on your eyelashes. Early cleansing is important, so the salt or chlorine will not react with the glue in your eyelash extension.

It is important to have a daily routine for cleaning your eyelash extension, not just only when you go swimming. A routine will guarantee your eyelash is always clean and fresh.

When finding a good product for your eyelash extension, make sure to get an oil-free eyelash extension. Oil-free cleansers do not have glycols or emollients. These two chemicals can affect the adhesive in your eyelash extension. Use this cleanser and cotton or a soft brush and gently clean the eyelash extension. After cleaning with an eyelash cleaner, go ahead and wash it off with clean water.

Drying Eyelash extensions

After cleaning your lashes, you will want to dry them off.

  • Use a clean cloth

With a clean piece of cloth, you clean your eyelash by gently rubbing the cloth against your eyelash in an up and down motion. Do press against the eyelash extension too hard or you may damage it and your natural eyelashes.

  • Blow drying

You can use a blow dryer tuned to a cool setting to dry off your eyelash extension. Using hot hair can affect the glue in your extension. When blow-drying your extension, use a soft brush to gently brush the extensions. Brushing your extension while blow-drying will open them, making them look free and nice.

The Importance of Lash Aftercare especial after swimming

For you to get the best use from your eyelash extension, then having good aftercare is important. The word high maintenance does not exist when talking about eyelash extension aftercare. You never want something that sits close to your eyes dirty or infected.

Some reasons for good aftercare are;

  • With proper aftercare, you avoid the chance of having an eye infection. Be cautious at all times of the things that come close to your eyes.
  • The goal of having a good pair of eyelash extensions is to get the best use out of them. If you take good care of them, they will last longer. You will not need to buy new ones before the present ones are due with good aftercare.
  • You save money with proper aftercare. You buy new ones all the time, you don’t pay for eye treatment all the time. Good quality eyelashes are expensive, so you want to take of it as best as you can.


Swimming with eyelash extension is possible but it is important to do proper aftercare when you finish. With all the tips left above, you have no problem.

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