What You Need to Know About Fake Lashes


What You Need to Know About Fake Lashes

The revolutionized surge in the makeup industry has revivified the dark black fringed look. Once they were for glamour queens, runway models, and celebs. Now you can expect the touch of glamour every day, everywhere, in schools, work, and for a grocery tour.

You are here, just because you need to know about fake lashes. There was a time when beginner fake lash wearers usually learn the art of choosing and applying, by trial and error, Gone are the days. Beauty blogs, Vlogs, Instagram feeds have changed their world.

The first thing to know about fake lashes

The first thing you should know about the gorgeous falsies, they are for everyone. For all age groups, eye shapes, everyday looks, for special occasions. There are no limitations. You have an abundant range of pre-made and customized lashes to glam up your looks.

How they made are?

They are typically hand-made. All well-reputed brands sell handmade falsies as they are more precisely built up and well structured. Machine-made are there but usually low graded.

What are they made of?

There exist two main groups. Natural and man-made

  • Natural falsies

Human, mink, fox hair and real silk lashes fall in this category. They are soft, durable, the most natural-looking, long-lasting, and comfortable. However these lashes are quite expensive and behave just like natural lashes, you have to put effort to hold their curl.

  • Man-made lashes

In a nutshell, the most popular material is synthetically made lashes. Man-made lashes faux mink, faux silk are made of a plastic fiber called PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) or refined acrylic fibers. Nowadays they emulate the real mink in look and weight. The downside is they are less reusable than the real ones but as they are quite budget-friendly replacing and buying them is easier. The biggest advantage is the versatility they have.

Types of fake lashes

As mentioned, they are for everyone, falsies have 3 different types to cherish.

Lash extensions

  • Individuals
  • Clusters

Strip Lashes

  • Individual lashes
  • Cluster
  • Half strips

Magnetic lashes

  • Sandwich magnetic
  • Magnetic lashes applied with magnetic eyeliner

Strip Lashes

The traditional and most sought-after lashes are strip lashes. The word strip lash refers to a horizontal thin band with faux lash strands. The glue is applied to the band and after it becomes tacky the lash is carefully placed onto the natural lash line.

Strip lashes are easily available at an affordable price. They have countless styles, volumes, lengths, thicknesses, colors, and shapes.

The lash band has two options, black and transparent to choose from. The black band has an edge to add extra definition to the lash line. You can trim the band according to your eye size. A major downside is glue, it’s difficult to handle and for some, it causes allergic reactions.

Strip lash types

Strip lashes are available as individual, clusters and half lashes. The difference is the size only. You can place individual lashes and customize your look, cluster are a bunch of few lash strands one or two are enough to add drama, half lashes are applied to the outer corners.

Lash extensions

They are semi-permanent lashes applied by professionally trained lash artists or estheticians. In an hour session, a customized look according to your eye shape and facial features is created that lasts for up to 6 weeks. To maintain the look regular touch-up every two weeks are essential.

Lash extensions save your time but need a huge expenditure. They need a lot of home maintenance. Choose a reputable salon and don’t fell for a cheap solution, a good technician will guide you on what exactly suits you.

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are new to the lash world. They have macro magnets studded on the lash line. They are strong enough to hold for long and not harmful to the eyes. Magnetic lashes work by sandwiching natural lashes between two false lashes with tiny magnetic. For the other type, magnetic eyeliner is applied and the magnetic lashes are placed on it

These lashes are glue-free, easy to apply and remove, reusable, affordable, and the most re-wearable. Now clusters half magnetic lashes are also available.

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Versatility in fake lashes

There are myriad styles of fake lashes. Various colors, embellished, feathered, spiked, metallic lashes are there to meet your creative needs.

  • You can have pre-made lashes or extensions to create cat-eyes, doll eyes, high-fashioned eyes.
  • Countless variety of lengths, volumes, thicknesses, curls suitable for every eye.
  • Wispy, crisscross, fluffy, feathery, tapered lengths all types of lashes with endless possibilities.
  • Lower lashes are special lash strips for the lower lash line for creative lash looks.

Lash glue

Lash adhesive is part and parcel of false lashes (except magnetic). Eyelash glue is either be black or transparent choose whatever you like but be cautious to buy a clinically approved good quality glue. Low-quality glue can cause allergic reactions, irritation, or infections to the eyes. Always patch test and then apply to eyes.

They have three application styles; brush-on, wand-style, and tube, wand-style is the easiest to apply on.

Lash Application tools

It’s your personal preference you want to apply then with hands or application tools. If you choose hands wash your hand before applying to avoid infections.

The tools that can coordinate you are tweezers, or a lash applicator. Some lash applicators look like tweezers having slanting tips to hold lashes. Others have a wider tip to grip the entire lash enabling you to place the strip lash in the right position.

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Removing false lashes

All false lashes have specific lash removal techniques.

  • Strip lashes

To remove strip lashes, loosen the lash adhesive with a cotton ball dipped in eye makeup remover and gently remove the lashes

  • Lash extension

Lash extensions are applied with stronger glue than strip lash glue. Like their application, the removal also requires a trained technician. Any effort to remove them yourself can seriously harm your natural lashes.

  • Magnetic lashes

It’s as easy as application. Hold the corner of the lower lash in your thumb and index finger and gently start detaching the magnets one by one with a light pull.

For magnetic eyeliner simply use a cotton pad dipped in eye makeup remover (avoid oil based) and start removing eyeliner. From the outer corner to inner corners gently cleanse and remove the lashes.

Fake lash cleansing storage

Strip or magnetic need proper cleaning and storage after use

  • Cleansing

After removing, clean them gently with a cotton swab or Q-tip dipped in makeup remover to vanish any dirt, makeup residuals. Similarly, clean magnetic lashes but don’t use oil-based remover. Let them air dry.

  • Storage

Store them in their original packaging in a cool dry place.

Shapes and sizes

Every eye shape and size need a different style and size of lashes. Figure out your eye shape and size and then buy the right one for you.


Lash extensions are one-time applications. Strip lashes are reusable for 20 to 25 wear,s. Magnetic lashes are the most reusable fake lashes; 30 to 50 times.

But the reusability factor depends upon the quality of material and good maintenance. Different brands claim different reusability numbers so keep an eye on this factor while buying fringes.

Take Away

Fake lashes are absolute eye enhancers, from strip to magnetic, temporary to extensions. Some crib notes are; while choosing any kind of lashes don’t compromise on the budget, lashes are for your precious eyes. Buy good quality lashes only. Follow instructions given by the manufacturer. Experiment with your looks and look fabulous wearing your falsies.

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