Why is It Not Ideal to Wear False Eyelashes for a Long Time?


Why is It Not Ideal to Wear False Eyelashes for a Long Time?

Keeping fake lashes on for a long time will irritate your eyes. It can lead to an eye infection, which can be severe as it progresses.

  • The buildup of sweat between the fake lashes and your skin can also lead to a bacterial infection.
  • The strong adhesives used to stick the lashes can harm your skin and the lash hair follicles, preventing the growth of natural eyelashes.
  • The extensive use of falsies may damage your real eyelashes, which can affect their growth and thickness.
  • Your natural eyelashes will not get the proper amount of oxygen they need to survive.

However, if you do decide to wear the lashes for a week or more than a day, then be on the lookout for the following symptoms. Remove them as soon as you see any of the symptoms emerging, as it could lead to something serious.

Prevention is better than cure, right? So, let us check out those symptoms now.

  • Blurred vision.
  • Swelling near the eye area.
  • Unusual sensitivity to light.
  • Soreness in your eyes.

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sunflower-yellow-3d-faux-mink-lash (1)

Bottom Line

Now that you know all about fake eyelashes and for how long you can wear them. It is the best time to add some gorgeous ones to your makeup collection. Let us know which pair of falsies you like the best at Appearanz.

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