The Ultimate Guide To Cruelty-free False Lashes

crueltyfree lashes

The Ultimate Guide To Cruelty-free False Lashes

False eyelash adds glam to your makeup look. However, false eyelashes are available in two main types; natural false eyelashes and synthetic false lashes.

What cruelty-free false eyelashes mean is that no animal is harmed in the making of these lashes. “Harmed” in the sense that they are not kept in unnatural habitat, isolated from their species, or given any other kind of physical pain or psychological stress. Thanks to modern technology, cruelty-free lashes are now readily available at the ease of a tap on your mobile phone.

Are Mink False Lashes Cruelty-free?

The simple answer is no. Although several false eyelash manufacturers claim that they do not cause any harm to the animal to obtain the hair for mink lashes, we can still not be sure.

Mink lashes are created using real mink fur. Even if one manufacturer obtains the mink hair cruelty-free, we cannot say the same for all the others. It can be tough to figure out the truth behind the making. We do not know who stays true to their word and is just using the claim for marketing purposes.

Many animal welfare groups assert that it is not possible for companies to obtain mink’s hair without triggering some kind of harm to the animal. Therefore, mink lashes are put in the natural lashes category.

The Most Common Cruelty-free Lashes

For beginners, it may be a bit challenging to differentiate between natural lashes and synthetic falsies. If you want cruelty-free lashes, ensure that you determine which material the lashes are made of before making your final pick.
So, to make it simpler for you, we will introduce you to some of the commonly found falsies, such as silk lashes and faux mink lashes that are cruelty-free. Wearing these false eyelashes will produce a glamorous expression that will make you stand out in the crowd. The perk, you are definite that wearing these falsies does not contribute to any animal’s pain.

Faux Mink Lashes
These false eyelashes are one of the most favorites amongst makeup fans. Unlike false mink eyelashes, faux mink eyelashes are not really made from the animal’s (mink) hair.

• The faux mink falsies are made from a high-quality man-made synthetic fiber that highly imitates the texture of a mink’s tail hair. We can say for sure that no animal suffers any type of pain in the making of faux mink lashes.

• You get the gentle softness and smoothness that a natural mink’s hair would give but in an entirely cruelty-free way. Also, you can reuse these falsies for several wears.

• One of the best parts about these lashes is that they are vastly similar to real lashes, and no one will be able to notice the difference. The overall makeup look will not be affected, and you will feel all the prettiness in the mirror.

The faux mink lashes are considered elite eyelashes that are the foremost choice for makeup lovers and artists. The glam and aura it creates on your eyes and face are unmatchable and sometimes even beats the look a natural eyelash would provide.
Hence, we would recommend buying faux mink lashes instead of mink lashes from Appearanz because of all the pros it has to offer. In doing so, you can also save a mink from pain and misery or even save its life by rejecting a natural false eyelash.

  1. Silk Lashes
  2. Silk eyelashes are another type of false eyelash manufactured in a cruelty-free manner. Amazingly, silk lashes are luxurious wear. Made from durable synthetic materials, these fake eyelashes will last for an extended period when taken good care of. They have all the features an excellent false eyelash should have.

• Soft, smooth, shiny, and of course silky, the silk lashes are perfect for your eyes.

• Bringing a great deal of volume and density to your real lashes, these falsies will fill in the gaps and better the length of your lashes to produce a dramatic appeal.

• We can say that silk lashes are a hundred and ten percent cruelty-free lashes without a hint of doubt.

Synthetic False Eyelashes
These lashes are also cruelty-free. The synthetic false eyelashes are made from extremely durable synthetic plastic material. Thus, it can last for several uses if used and appropriately kept. Synthetic falsies also add an exciting touch to your makeup look that you will absolutely love.

Why Should You Choose Cruelty-free False Eyelashes?

Are you someone who would buy something which comes by inducing immense pain and stress to an animal? We hope not! Even when several other falsies are made in a completely ethical manner.

Natural lashes, like mink lashes, come from a real animal, as we discussed in the part above. Big companies claim that they get the mink’s hair by gently “brushing” the animal’s fur. However, even the sound of it seems fake and a brag. We cannot let these companies trick us into investing in the suffering of innocent animals.

According to People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) and several animal rights groups, the animals are kept in isolated cages and not provided with the optimum conditions for their living, such as temperature, privacy, and even food. This practice is even banned in many countries, including the United Kingdom.

Some companies even kill the animals when they are of no use to them. Just imagine the pain and suffering of these poor animals. They go through all that just for humans to wear luxurious false eyelashes as a makeup accessory! It sounds inhumane and unjustified.

Thus, going for alternate and completely harmless false eyelashes is the right decision. They are gorgeous and as comfortable as a natural lash would be. Choosing cruelty-free false eyelashes, as the silk lashes and faux mink lashes from the Appearanz, will spare the animals intense pain and mental stress.

Bottom Line

Lastly, we would like to say that we should collectively step up to save the poor animals from all the inhumane practices they undergo on the farms to obtain their fur. We stan cruelty-free lashes!

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