5 Best False Lashes for Deep-Set Eyes

lashes for deepset eyes

5 Best False Lashes for Deep-Set Eyes

We all know, we have certain shapes of faces. But that’s just not it.

Our eyes too have unique sizes and shapes. Knowing your eye shape can help you figure out how to make them better and accentuated.

Luckily it’s not a hard task. Once you understand the six different shapes of eyes and finds out which one belongs to you, you can choose the best eye-enhancing style for you.

Fake eyelashes are the most loved make-over tool by women around the world. Falsies help the beauties to better sculpt their eyes and make them stand out.

If you have deep-set eyes. A set of false eyes will make them pop up instead of sinking inside the eyes socket.

What are Deep-set eyes?

When it comes to applying a false lash on your eyes, the first step to cater is the shape of your eyes. It should not be missed out.

Deep-set eyes are slightly set deep in the eye socket. It makes the brow bone look lower and prominent. The brow bone overshadows and the eyes look a little hidden under them. The ends of the lashes are likely to touch your eyelids.

Lashes for deep-set eyes:

Lashes are no more a band having strands of the same size creating a false look. It has a huge variety of shapes, sizes, lengths, curls; to enhance every eye shape. Choosing the right one can make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and fuller.

If you have deep-set eyes you are born with a beauty advantage. Fake Lashes can accentuate your looks like no one. You can have volume, length, and multi-dimensional lashes. Both natural and dramatic looks are perfect for you.


Fortunate you are, you can go with any material. However, Wispy and fluffy, textured are recommended for you. Faux Mink or synthetics will do good as your eyes need an extra wisp to pop out of the socket.

1- A classic lash set:

Classic lashes are your bestie, undoubtedly. Being positioned a little back in your eye socket. You need to make them prominent. Leveling it up with your brow bone is possible by gluing some extra long classic lashes to the middle of your eyes. This will create the illusion of big, dramatically open eyes. Curled Classic lashes with various lengths can create texture, definition, and volume for deep-set eyes.

Appearanz’s D-Curl- Mixed-Length Tray

Deep-set eyes need a specially designed personal look. Appearanz D-curl-mixed lengths provide the opportunity to play with lengths from 8 mm to 14mm. Apply them to have a feathery, look or a long fringe with a fluffy wisp. Various diameters allow you to achieve your desired thickness and density.

Appearanz’s D-Curl- Mixed-Length Tray

2- Cluster lashes:

 Cluster lashes are amazing lashes for deep-set eyes.  They are cut into small segments to create a customized look. Individual flare or cluster lashes are a set of 2 to 7 lashes rooted together. They are glued to your lashes to create a thick dense look. Adding a long-lashed set to the mid-of-lash line with individuals on both sides, design a mesmerizing effect on deep-set eyes. They look fluffy, add style and body. The icing on top they are easy to apply.

Avoid an extreme set over small deep-set eyes as they will look overdone

Sparkler Cluster Lashes 3D Faux Mink Lash:

Sparkler Cluster 3D is high-quality faux mink chunks of false lashes. They are designed to cater to different shapes of eyes. The placing of long clusters in the middle and short towards the edges create an effortless drama to deep-set eyes. 3D strands offer maximum curl, volume, and instant-glamour for deep-set eyes. The lengths vary from 8 mm to 12mm. you can design a customized look with 10 clusters.

3- Wispy and curly lashes:

The first piece of advice for a deep-set eye is the curl in the lashes. The best would be a curly lash that lifts towards the end edges of the eye.

Curled fake lashes bring a drama and fullness to your eyes that you dreamt of. Stylists recommend a softer C curl for a semi-dramatic look. With a wisp and length added.

You can choose faux Mink or any synthetic. Synthetic has an advantage over faux mink in that it does not lose curl even after moistened. Mink or sable lashes are not suitable as they are straight and thin.

Appearanz’s C-Curl Mixed Length Lash Tray:

Soft C –curl can be mixed with D-curl individual lash extensions to pop up deep-set eyes. Appearanz has a full range of individual leashes from B- curl to  J-Curl, To lift the lash game of deep-set eyes. you can either create a doll-like look with longer lashes in the middle or natural to match your moods. The 2D to 10D range is perfect for making any customized look

4- Lengthy lashes:

Eyelashes that are very long in the middle and wispy are the best set for your eyes. They will draw your eyes forward and flatter your natural eye depth.

Appearanz’s Waves Brown 3D Faux Mink:

Appearanz’s Waves Brown 3d lashes add a subtle volume and length. The lengths are carefully designed starting from 4 mm to 10 mm. The soft tapered ends gradually lengthening towards the middle enhance the deep-set eyes grabbing the attention of all around.

Appearanz’s Waves Brown 3D Faux Mink:

Appearanz’s Waves Brown 3D Faux Mink

Voluminous lashes:

 Volume is something that the deep-set eye deserves the most.

Try to use criss-cross multi-layered pattern lash strands. They have a very natural volumizing effect. Criss-cross lash strands help to create not only volume but also adds definition and glamour. The full to medium volume lash with extra length in the center adds a stunning definition and fullness to deep-set eyes.  making them look prominent.

Posh- 6D silk lash:

Posh 6D silk medium volume lash by Appearanz is a full-bodied lash. The lash pair makes deep-set eyes aesthetically enhanced with their unique, hand-crafted criss-cross pattern of varying lengths. It creates an effortlessly 6d volume effect that gives ultra thickness. They are durable and can apply more than 20 times once bought.

Final words:

The best way to enhance your deep-set eyes is to choose the right set of fake lashes. Long, wispy, volumized are the best lashes for deep-set eyes to make them perfectly fluttery.

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