Check out the Best Magnetic Lashes and Liners for 2022

light false lashes

Check out the Best Magnetic Lashes and Liners for 2022

Every person has the right to properly and simply apply fake eyelashes. Have you tried every strip lash and individual lash available, followed all application instructions, and still ended up with a bad result? It is for this reason that magnetic lashes are greatly recommended.

However, like with everything we stick, glue, or put to our eyes, there are a few considerations to make before going all-in. Is it safe, for example, to wear magnetic lashes? And what are the most effective brands? To get the story straight, Appearanz is a fantastic firm that specializes in magnetic lashes of the highest quality.

light false lashes

Let’s talk about how to correctly apply magnetic lashes, as well as the best magnetic lashes you’ll need for 2022. Continue reading to learn more!

What are magnetic eyelashes precisely?

Magnetic lashes are false eyelashes that stick to your eyes when magnetic lash strips are combined or when magnetic eyeliner is sprayed over your lid. On the other hand, magnetic eyeliner lashes are comparable to traditional synthetic lashes but are placed with a magnetic eyeliner rather than glue.

Magnets are implanted in the lashes, and the eyeliners are studded with iron oxides, which act as a paint-on magnet when applied to the eyelid. Simple as lining them with adhesive and gluing them to the brow bone, that’s all it takes.

Is magnetic eyeliner a product that is safe to use?

Whether it’s magnetic or traditional gel eyeliner, everything new that comes into contact with your eyes has the potential to irritate, create contact dermatitis, or trigger an allergic response. However, what about hair loss and natural lash damage? Magnetic eyeliner is probably safer for those with traction alopecia since the false lashes are held in place by your lid, rather than your real lashes. The strip lashes and glue are identical to those used in traditional strip lashes.

Now that we’re all on the same page, scroll down to discover our recommendations for the best magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners for 2022, along with application instructions.

The best magnetic Lash and liners for 2022

  • On Point Magnetic Lash | 3D Faux Mink

Choose our best-selling On Point 3D Faux Mink Magnetic Lash for a modest but stunning look. On Point’s distinctive crisscross pattern of fine and light vegan, PBT hairs mimic natural lash development for a stunning lash effect. Eight macro-magnets run down the lash base and may be applied with magnetic eyeliner. With adequate maintenance, Appearanz magnetic lashes may be worn up to 30 times.

If you’re wary about synthetic lashes in general, use the fact that they were produced by an ophthalmologist to assuage your fears. Not only are these lashes pleasant to wear behind glasses or sunglasses, but they also stick to the supplied magnetic liquid liner rather than sandwiching your lashes between two magnets. Simply draw your cat eye, let it dry, and then use the applicator tool to add your lashes—truly innovative.


  • Honeymoon | Brown Magnetic Lash Kit | 3D Faux Minx

The Honeymoon Magnetic Lash Kit is ideal for streamlining your daily lash regimen. The Honeymoon lash style has a unique crossing pattern that simulates natural hair and adds volume and depth to the eyes, gradually growing from the inner to the outer corner for a seductive cat-eye finish. Eight macro-magnets run down the lash base and may be applied with magnetic eyeliner. With adequate maintenance, Appearanz magnetic lashes may be worn up to 30 times.

The following items are included in the Honeymoon Kit:

1 set of Honeymoon 3D Faux Mink Lash

1 liquid eyeliner with magnets (Brown)


  • Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner – Brown

Magnetic eyelashes are an excellent alternative for individuals who are allergic to lash adhesive. Magnetic lashes may be applied with the help of a magnetic eyeliner. Magnetic eyeliner is comparable to a sticky liquid eyeliner in its application.

Instructions for submitting your application:

  1. Using tweezers, remove one pair of Apperanz 8 MAG fake lashes from their container.
  2. Align the artificial lashes with your natural lash line to establish their size (without putting magnetic eyeliner on)
  3. Trim the falsie to a length equal to your actual lash line (always bear in mind to cut the outer corner and try to keep as many magnets on the strip as long as possible).
  4. Curl your natural lashes and coat them with mascara to help your falsies blend in.
  5. Using a regular eyeliner pen, apply magnetic eyeliner.
  6. You don’t have to wait for it to get sticky for twenty seconds before you use it.
  7. If desired, apply a second coat of mascara to your natural lashes to mix them in with your falsies.


  • Tequila Sunrise | Brown Magnetic Lash Kit | 3D Faux Minx

The Tequila Sunrise Kit is an all-time classic. This fantastic lash style gives a playful cat-eye impression by employing V-shaped clusters of varied lengths that progressively extend from the inner to the outer corner of the eyes. Eight macro-magnets run down the lash base and may be applied with magnetic eyeliner. With adequate maintenance, Appearanz magnetic lashes may be worn up to 30 times.

The Tequila Sunrise Kit includes the following items:

  • 1 pair 3D Faux Mink Lash Tequila Sunrise.
  • 1 liquid eyeliner with magnets (Brown).


Are magnetic lashes bad for your natural lashes’ health?

Magnetic lashes, particularly magnetic eyeliner lashes, are deemed safe and will not affect your natural lashes when applied correctly.

Final Decision

It’s not a bad idea to attempt to get the finest magnetic lash for yourself. However, you should choose the option that you are most comfortable with. Tequila Sunrise and Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner are two of my favorites. If you’re interested, you may get them from the Appearanz webshop.

This is a reputable brand that will provide you with the greatest appearance you’ve ever desired. There are a plethora of excellent matching lashes available. Make a purchase at the Appearanz shop!

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