Which Brand of False Eyelashes is Worth Buying?

Appearanz lashes

Which Brand of False Eyelashes is Worth Buying?

We just can’t deny the fact that mascara is an inviolable makeup product that holds a special place in our vanity boxes. Unluckily mascara comes with a few limitations as well and so we have to go for the fake eyelashes. And the result is totally unbelievable amplifying your natural set of lashes. To help you discover your perfect match this article brings you the best fake eyelashes.

A couple of things are known to boost your confidence level to the sky and among these fake eyelashes also have a place on. Whether it’s a routine day or any special occasion, a pair of the best fake eyelashes can give a perfect shine and final touch to your makeup look. And make you look prettier. Here we will discuss the lashes that are surely worth your money.

Finding the best fake eyelashes for you is not an easy task. Along with the fact that we all have our personal preferences, our individual eye shapes also matter when you are to buy a falsie. So, do your research before buying false lashes to get the perfect one for you.

decal false lashes

Ardell lashes are loved by a considerable crowd for fair reasons. This brand has to offer a wide range of falsies to choose from. They are famous for giving you the most natural look. And you can barely feel like you are wearing something. One disadvantage that comes with this brand is that they offer no returns or exchanges. Also, we can see some quality complaints against the brand.

Eliace lashes are second on our list. You get a total of 50 pairs in one pack. So, there are many options to choose from. And you can experiment wearing a different pair every single day. They aren’t too amazing but definitely worth the value. They are quite easy to use and give you a natural look. Also, they are soft, light and, comfortable. A few cons are to mention here. They are not so flexible. They lose their shape the moment you take off the plastic above them. Eyelashes are glued to the plastic and so it makes it difficult to use. But overall they carry a positive response from its customers. 

Eylure’s lashes are next on our list. This brand has a lot to offer to the customers. This is among the most mega brands out there in the market. All of the variety offered by this brand is handmade. The eyelashes made by them are comparatively easy to use because of the specialized curvature that fits just right with the natural shape of the eyelid giving you the most natural look. They are so lightweight that they just blend so seamlessly with your natural lashes. The lashes that these brand offers are so comfortable and easy to apply. One trouble that you might face is the clumpy fast-drying glue. Some people have complained about the glue which does not stick properly. Otherwise, it is good to go for. 

Velour lashes is another popular brand. These are known to be soft and silky. The band on these lashes is quite flexible which makes it easy to apply. These are made with premium silk material. You can reuse them up to 20 times. They also provide you with glue which is pretty much adhesive and dries clear. These lashes don’t come with a sheen to them and so might not give you a very natural look. Also, they are quite expensive in the pocket and everyone may not afford them easily. 

Now it’s time to speak about our own brand Appearanz. We feel much proud to place our lashes as the best fake eyelashes on this list so far. The best in value. The best in design. And the best in budget. Our brand has a great variety to offer its customers. You can definitely choose the right set of falsies for your perfect look. It would not be wrong to say that our brand gives the best natural-looking false eyelashes in the market. 

Appearanz is surely a go-to brand for false lashes as they are low on the pocket, and come in a variety of different styles. Our entire collection of lashes are 100% animal-free, so you can easily pick out your favorite from the different styles available without worrying that any animal was harmed to make your pair of falsies. We are proud to be a cruelty-free brand in the market. Our brand uses premium quality silk fibers or the highest quality PTB material in the making of its best fake eyelashes. So, you certainly don’t need to worry about the quality of our products. 

Appearanz fake lashes

We are at the top of this game are making them affordable, high-quality best fake eyelashes. Trying to innovate with every passing day and make new products, especially with our magnetic lash line. We offer a wide range of styles which means that everyone can find something out of it. Appearanz lash products are also easy to use and do not come off of your eyes unless you wish to do it intentionally. The glue with our lashes has a good sticking capability. 

The best gift for the makeup lover! Our product range is perfect for adding volume to your lashes when you want that flirty look. They are lightweight so they look really natural when applied properly. Once your falsies are on they look really fantastic and are worth the money.

Summing up this review, you can clearly figure out that Appearanz lashes are really worth buying. Some qualities of our brand worth mentioning are here. You really get a high-quality product at an affordable price. They are quite comfortable to wear. These lashes are easy to apply as well as easy to remove. You can also reuse them as many as 25 times. They are very lightweight and still add the required volume and length. These are easy to use and blend and suitable for all occasions. Also, they are vegan and cruelty-free and look universally good on all eyes. Have a happy buy!

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